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House of Stars

Book Two

The Shaka Reed Series


In Hearts of Prey, Shaka Reed juggled two identities: one as a young woman forging her own path in the world, and the other as a supernatural being able to shape shift into a wolf. In the sequel, House of Stars, she leaves her home on the North Shore of Lake Superior in search of answers as to who and what she is. 

She finds them in the remote reaches of Yellowstone National Park, where life is both enchanting and brutal. But once she is finally among her own kind, self preservation becomes harder than ever. It is only by remembering her roots that she can protect herself and her loved ones from this dangerous new world. 

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Hearts of Prey

Book One

The Shaka Reed Series


Shaka Reed is an outsider, not only because she struggles to relate to her peers, but because she has a secret ability that sets her apart: she is a shape shifter. In the deep woods of her Northern Minnesota home, never does she feel more herself than when she is running through the forest on animal feet.

Her secret is known only to her grandfather, not her life long and magnanimous friend Rena, or the charming new stranger who keeps turning up in her path.

But despite her discretion, her secret is out and the wrong people know.

Now deranged scientist has made it his life's work to give this supernatural ability to those born without it, but at a horrible cost to Shaka and those like her. She finds she has no choice but to embrace her true nature if she is going to stop him from turning her people into test subjects. 


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